Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When patients are not just patients anymore but rather a means of paying her salary

definitely not meds about you

So we had to head down to Kandang Kerbau Hospital yesterday as the son's coughing made him threw up his phelgm four times within an hour. We initially wanted to send him back to the GP who last saw him last week, but when I called to asked if she could wait for 10 more mins just prior to their closing time, guess what she told me?

(In Verbatim)
GP: I'm sorry I cannot wait for you as I have to rush for my class.
Me: Can't you wait for a while? My husband and son are on their way now.
GP: No I'm really sorry I cannot wait for them. I really need to rush for my class. You bring him go see another doctor.
Me: No you don't understand. We brought him down to see you last week but he is still coughing and he vomitted, so can't you just wait and see him for a while?
GP: No I'm really sorry. I really have to rush for my class and you bring him see another doctor.
Me: Fine!

I was really pissed at her for saying this kind of thing. How could she as a doctor simply just brushed us off just because SHE had to rush for HER class?! That's not my problem. Her duty is to see sick patients and
attend to them. Don't make your tardiness an excuse. It's never accecptable, whatever hapened to your code of ethics?

Anyway it was a good thing we brought him to the hospital too as the doctors did an X ray on him and found out he had a lung infection. That poor kid was terrified though.

The X rays, the neubuliser they had to made him wear, the temperature check totally freaked him out. He was crying and screaming for his daddy while they pinned him down for all these tests. The funny thing was when the husband praised him for being such a brave boy, he started to clapped his hands while crying at the same time. Even the nurses laughed.

Right now, we have to monitor him closely to see if he's eating or drinking well. If he's not, its another trip to the hospital.

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