Monday, August 1, 2011

There's nothing like angsty music to start the Monday, yo!


top: Camouflage
bermudas: Popkidz
shoes: gift from Ah Gong
bubble wand: gift from Ah Gong


top: Gmarket
belt: borrowed from sister
skirt: Earth Doll
flats: City Plaza

Its Monday! So florals and pinks to chase away the blues. Or if you're the angsty type, this song is for you.


Mongs said...

so cute! I love the round cheeks! Your outfit looks great too. I like the floral top and the shoes. City plaza always has fantastic stuff.


lovely said...

haha, ya his round cheeks is always the reason for the attention! Yes, City Plaza has great finds! I'm hoping to do a post on heartland shopping soon.. they're under-rated when it comes to good shopping! :)