Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I really just went to see the house, not the President

The Istana had an Open House as yesterday was a public holiday, so I got the whole family to visit it! When we reached there around 1pm, the queue was madness! If you know where Istana is, the queue stretched all the way to the train station's HSBC bank!

But thankfully, it moved pretty fast and priority was given to Singapore citizens and PRs. There was a seperate queue for foreigners and the number of foreigners queueing was quite substantial too!

finally in the Istana grounds

the wide open space

i was told that guards wearing this uniform had to march, not walk!

this space is really huge

one of the few colonial houses in the grounds, not sure what its used for

the husband and his mother

they provide some mini playgrounds for the little ones

he was wearing pants but it got soiled, so pant-less!

my parents-in-law in front of the Istana House
*photo bombed by the son ha

The Istana House was also opened to the public for visitors to view and admired the different gifts that were presented to the President. But we had to pay for admissions at $2 per person. And it was only the first level that was opened and it was only a small area where the gifts were displayed. We felt that $2 were a tad too much, maybe $1 might justify better, ha! #cheapskatesingaporeans

he's wriggling away just so he can play with the water

he saw the water fountain and went, Wah!

pose like you owned it

a little pond

3 generations

It was quite a nice walk about in the grounds given the cooling and breezy weather, but one visit is enough. We did'nt get to see President Nathan but today will be his official last day in office before the new one takes over.

I absolutely have no comments whatsoever about the new president. Better shut my mouth before I get thrown in prison!

Today's outfit:

top: Cotton On
belt: Mphosis
jeans: New Future
flats: Cotton On

Gosh I can't believe today's the last day of August. Too fast!

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